Does your company dare to recruit differently?

9. Apr 2021 | Specialisterne

Specialisterne have 17 years of experience recruiting people with autism. Instead of finding all-round employees who are quite good at a lot of things, we look for specialised employees who are very good at performing a smaller selection of tasks. We are able to do this because we look for other qualities and qualifications than most other recruitment consultants do.

Obviously, the company must accept that there might be a few things that their autistic employees are not so good at; however, if the company is a little bit creative when planning the work, it is our experience that those issues considered to be limitations actually turn out to be benefits instead.

A good example of this is the recruitment task given to us by Copenhagen Airport when they were looking to hire employees for baggage screening in the security department. The new, autistic employees contribute through their ability to recognise patterns and by means of their extraordinary power of concentration.

In this video, meet Martin Moxness who is one of the people who was given the opportunity to become a new employee at the airport – and went for it. Today, he is a valued colleague and a good employee. And the good news is that thousands of talented people, like Martin, are just waiting for Danish companies to give them a chance. In fact, it is not that hard to make room for everybody within the labour market!

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