Specialisterne Enable India Solutions’ neurodiversity inclusion program will offer support
to job candidates within business development, placement and training, as well as services
to employers who wish to make their workplaces more inclusive, with regard to staffing
and outsourcing. Besides employment, the joint venture will work with early intervention
in education



Innovative skills for your company

Collaborative Train-Intern-Hire Model- to provide skilled and employable neurodivergent talent pool to organizations. The process includes job analysis, job mapping, skilling, on-boarding and employment support services. 

Inclusion and Awareness

Hiring and inclusion

Neurodiversity Awareness Sessions – for organization staff at various levels to initiate and support neurodiversity hiring and inclusion 

Retention and Sustainability

We support you

Employment Support services – to enable organizations to work confidently with new neurodivergent recruits 

Retention Services – to enable organizations to retain and map careers for neurodivergent employees