Case: YouSee

Since 2008, consultants from Specialisterne havebeen in charge of testing smartphones, apps andservices for YouSee Mobile before the products getreleased to customers.

The Company’s Challenge

The development of hard- and software for mobile phones moves extremely fast, and there is an enormous number of new smartphones with new features that are continuously released for customer consumption. YouSee Mobile (formerly TDC Mobile) is both a distributor of smartphones and provider of apps and services that must work on the phones. Therefore, thorough testing of every new smartphone model is important to them, for the sake of customer satisfaction and YouSee’s own reputation. However, repetitive testing of smartphones, according to the same specifications every time, is a time-consuming and focusdemanding task that include an increasing risk of errors as the work hours proceed. That is why YouSee Mobile, back in 2008, allied themselves with Specialisterne.

The Solution

Since 2008, three consultants from Specialisterne have been permanently employed at YouSee Mobile. Here, they test all new smartphones, apps and services before they are released to customers. Specialisterne’s work helps to ensure a high quality of products, better customer satisfaction and less expenses for customer services, in reference to complaints. The consultants test all the specifications on a smartphone, and they examine how different smartphones handle apps and services, in accordance with a very precisely formulated test plan.

The Client says

”In our more than 10 years of collaboration with Specialisterne, we have yet to experience a wrongly executed test. We know with a 100 percent certainty that when Specialisterne has done a test, it has been done exactly as specified. The consultants never procrastinate, and they don’t burn out as other testers do; on the contrary, they test on a broader and deeper spectrum than most.

The quality of Specialisterne’s work is very high, and they work fast. If a problem arises with a product, or if a new launch is delayed, it is never due to bad performance on Specialisterne’s part.”


– Jesper Matzen Lund, Terminal Test Coordinator, YouSee Mobil.