Case: TimeLog

A team of consultants from Specialisterne helped TimeLog over the course of several months with manual testing and validation of thousands of data, because a big customer had to upgrade to TimeLog’s new version.

The Company’s Challenge

One of TimeLog’s biggest customers was a part of a development project of TimeLog’s standard software, which helps consultant houses with time registration, project management and billing. A big amount of the customer’s data had to be restructured so that it could utilize new functionalities in TimeLog’s software. This project determined if the customer upgraded to the new version of TimeLog. Extensive manual testing of data from more than 10.000 of the customer’s projects was necessary to validate if the move had been successful and that the data was placed correctly in the new version.

The Solution

Specialisterne dedicated a handful of consultants to the project, which lasted eight months and roughly went like this:

  • The consultants got the two system environments made available through a browser, so they could have TimeLog’s old and new version open on separate tabs.
  • Four manual test rounds were carried out. A test protocol instructed the consultants in how they should run each test, i.e. what steps they had to go through and what to look after when they cross checked the two systems.
  • Each time the consultants found errors or remarkable deviations they wrote it down in a document with a screenshot of the issue.
  • During each test the consultants sent reports of what they had found.

When the errors became too many, the test was paused whilst TimeLog made corrections in the data set.

The Client says

”Precision and validated data are crucial to our customer, who would have preferred to do this job themselves if the resources had been there. That is why there was a big responsibility placed on Specialisterne.”

“It is my impression that the consultants from Specialisterne generally puts a great honor into completing the tasks they get, down to the last detail. Besides the fact that the purpose of Specialisterne is appealing to us, we knew that if we were going to have people do this type of manual data work properly it had to be someone who put honor into checking that everything was correct.”

“At the same time, it was a job that demanded a talent for spotting pattern deviation, and the consultants from Specialisterne are very good at that. They found many things that helped us during the process; both actual mistakes we ourselves had missed, and deviations that we had not deemed important enough, but they posed an issue to Specialisterne and surely enough should be examined further.”


Søren Lund, Founder & Executive Business Developer, TimeLog.