Case: Semler Gruppen

A consultant from Specialisterne helps the car import company Semler Gruppen with completing automated tests that are a part of maintaining systems regarding the communication with dealers and workshops. These systems are crucial for the company’s business.

The Client’s Challenge

Semler Gruppen is a company that is importing cars, motorcycles and agricultural machines from brands such as Porsche, Audi, Lamborghini, John Deere, Seat, Skoda, VW, Ducati and Bentley. The communication with dealers and their workshops takes place on Semler’s electronic platform AutoCore, which integrates everything from quotations, customer directories, managing bills of sales and planning of workshop tasks. Errors within one functionality can affect other parts of the system. Therefore, Semler has continuously needed to make automated tests, in which existing and new functionalities from the developers are being checked, whilst also identifying errors that need to be fixed.

The Solution

A consultant from Specialisterne has been sent on a secondment at Semler Gruppen. The consultant solves various tasks connected to the testing of Semler’s platform AutoCore, as well as the CRM system Salesforce. The tasks include:

  • Development of automated tests in Java by using the tool Selenium Webdriver.
  • Testing of both existing and new software within the test environment.
  • Reporting to the developers.
  • Clarification of the quality of the corrections that are being continuously made within the systems.

    The Client says

    “Testing new versions and functions on our IT systems demands persistence and an extraordinary overview. The consultant approaches every single task with the same thoroughness and solves all tasks in the exact same manner. This provides our testing function with a high level of efficiency and reliability. The consultant quickly notices errors that can be found in existing or new functions.”

    “It has been of great value for us that we, through the consultant’s very stable work, are being continuously notified about errors that need to be fixed immediately.”

    Claus Thornberg Højmann, Head of Test, Semler Gruppen.


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