Case: SDC

A consultant from Specialisterne assists the financial IT-company SDC in testing new and existing software solutions for banks in Denmark and the rest of the Nordic countries.

The Company’s Challenge

SDC provides critical banking systems to its stakeholders, which consists of banks and other financial institutions in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and the Faroe Islands. Testing of both existing software solutions and software products in development is of utmost importance for SDC, as well as the banks and their customers. The testing demands IT skills at a high level, high levels of concentration, persistence and a talent for recognizing patterns and finding deviations and errors.

The Solution

SDC has collaborated with Specialisterne since 2010. The consultant works primarily with system and regression testing of the software solutions that SDC develops and maintains. The consultant’s tasks include, among other things, the following:

  • Daily tests of banking systems, other advisory systems, trade systems and online and mobile banking solutions.
  • Reporting to the developers.
  • Quality assurance and testing of corrections that are continuously being made within the systems.
  • The consultant follows test cases, but also brings up their own ideas for test cases that are being inserted into the SDC testing system.

The Client says

”Testing of updated and newly developed software is a central and significant part of our work. In the consultant from Specialisterne, we have incredibly safe hands maintaining our testing. The consultant is a fantastic tester, who is stable, persistent and always delivers great work on time, regardless of how complex the task is. You are never nervous about giving the consultant a task, because you can rest assured that it will be solved in the consultant’s own way – and always to our huge satisfaction.”

“By virtue of their prowess and years of experience with us, the consultant is today involved in defining test cases. The consultant contributes with qualified input that improves our work and our products.”

Pernille Bigom, Team Lead, Portal & Sector, Advisory & Sales Banking, SDC.


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