Case: Netcompany

A consultant from Specialisterne solves daily ad hoc tasks in Netcompany’s Group IT Services.

The Company’s Challenge

Group IT Services in the IT company Netcompany, which provides business-critical It-solutions and consulting, needed extra hands for tasks such as machine deployment, equipment registration and automation, and equipment cleanup in scripts. At the same time, Netcompany wanted to give a person with autism, experience with the labour market.

The Solution

Netcompany has entered into cooperation with Specialisterne, in which the consultant will, among other things, resolve the following:


  • Deployment and automation of machines to be set up for new users.
  • Registration of equipment.
  • Reading, cleanup and documentation of PowerShell scripts and their features.
  • Servicing users who turn to the Group IT Service team for help.

The Client says

“We gave the consultant a buddy who supported him in the work and joined him for lunch. At first, we also shielded him a bit in relation to the users who came in and needed help. But as time went on, he became more comfortable with the situation and had direct contact with the users.”

“It might have taken a little longer than we expected. But suddenly it became apparent that he had spent time trying to make all things come together and then be able to do the tasks flawlessly.”


Aya Ahm, Group IT Services Manager, Netcompany.