Case: MovieStarPlanet

Specialisterne helped MovieStarPlanet review and structure the 3D-files behind the game BlockStarPlanet, as it needed to be migrated to a new platform.

The Company’s Challenge

Regarding the migration of the popular online game BlockStarPlanet to a new platform, MovieStarPlanet needed to review and structure its many files, which over five years had been modeled for 3D-assets. The files existed in several different versions, and folder structure and filenames did not give an adequate overview of the current files in the game. MovieStarPlanet did not have the capacity to cope with the extensive task, which required long-term concentration and systematics.

The Solution

Specialisterne’s consultant was given a workspace in a quiet corner at MovieStarPlanet, and a programmer gave the consultant a four-page to-do list of all that had to be reviewed. The consultant quickly understood the task and did not require a long introduction. MovieStarPlanet estimated that the task would take six weeks, but Specialisterne’s consultant solved it in three weeks.


The Client says

“According to our programmer, the to-do list was only read through once, and then the project was up running. It seemed to be very easy for Specialisterne’s consultant who was completely focused and reviewed it all. The help that the consultant needed along the way was very limited, and it has been very satisfying that the work was done so quickly.”


– Malene Fogh Jensen, Product Manager, BlockStarPlanet.