Case: LEO Pharma

Konsulenter fra Specialisterne sørger for, at indtastning, oprydning, kontrol og opdatering af medarbejderdata i LEO Pharmas globale SAP-system sker hurtigt og ensartet.

The Company’s Challenge

With more than 6.000 employees globally, the regular updating of employee data in SAP is a big task for the HR department of the pharmaceutical company LEO Pharma. Every new hire, layoff, internal move and appointment with external consultants have to be validated and registered. Furthermore, LEO Pharma must, as a pharmaceutical company, meet special requirements for documentation of current employees’ identities in production and research. Regular cleanup of employee data or acquisition of new companies can generate lists of several hundred employees that has to manually be either terminated or moved to somewhere else in the system. To ensure uniformity in the solution of the task that is input and checking of employee data, a task that is demanding in both time and focus, LEO Pharma made an arrangement with Specialisterne three years ago.

The Solution

Three consultants from Specialisterne are posted 25 hours a week at LEO Pharma, where they input, update and check employee data in LEO Pharma’s global SAP-system for HR. They receive ongoing standard tasks through the ticket-system ServiceNow and receive special and/or urgent tasks through mail. The consultants run regular reports in the database to find data that need to be corrected. They use the system’s own templates for reports or they define complicated search criteria themselves if need be. The consultants also execute long lists of changes that need to be done. It can be 628 logins that has to be terminated, or several hundred new employees that needs to be created in the database after the acquisition of a new company.

The Client says

”The collaboration with Specialisterne helps us be compliant in our work with employee data. To us the consultants are trustworthy and confidence-building employees in an important position, because they process sensitive employee information.”

“They are very good at structuring and checking data. When they receive a task that is described in detail and steps, they perform it fast and accurately. They are enduring with big tasks and they spot mistakes where others does not.”

“They are self-sufficient and correct data that they possibly deem as incorrect. Otherwise they contact relevant co-workers and have them double-check. Their effective termination of logins is an important part of our IT security and it saves us a lot of money in software licenses.”


Jan Vedsted, HR Operations Manager for People Operations (EMEA), LEO Pharma.