Case: IHFood

A group of consultants from Specialisterne scanned, analyzed and classified 30.000 images a month to train the expert systems in IHFood’s intelligent solutions for the food industry.

The Company’s Challenge

As a company, IHFood develops advanced image technology for the food industry, on a global level, to optimize production facilities. To train the expert systems that are at the heart of the intelligent solutions, IHFood needed analysis of visual information in thousands of images – a monotonous task that required endurance, sustained focus and a sense for pattern recognition and troubleshooting.

The Solution

A group of three consultants from Specialisterne worked continuously on the task and together they analyzed up to 30.000 images a month. A team leader and regular evaluations inside the group made sure that the work was done uniformly to the same high standards.

The tasks, amongst other things, included:


  • Scanning images and grading foodstuffs, like eggs and poultry. The grading was subsequently used to train the expert systems.
  • Classification of the images according to their information content.
  • Manual adjustment of ellipses for egg boundaries, to optimize the algorithms used to reconstruct the position of eggs.
  • Implementation of algorithms used to increase the general performance of the expert system and cross-validate the development process and results.

The Client says

”Not only did the consultants solve the tasks with great precision, endurance and a minimum of mistakes; they also provided useful suggestions for further optimization of the process. The collaboration with Specialisternes stable and dedicated consultants did not only help us achieve higher quality and speed, but it also made it possible for us to divert our own resources elsewhere. Specialisterne is a resource we greatly trust.”


Claus Hoelgaard Olsen, Managing Director, IHFood.