Case: Danske Bank

A consultant from Specialisterne helps Danske Bank’s central finance section with code optimization, streamlining and automation of reporting and software tools.

The Company’s Challenge

In the central Group Treasury section of Danske Bank, workers with mainly economic education and background do financial reporting with various software tools. Over time, the amount of reporting, software and data proliferation had grown to an extent, where it was difficult to monitor. Hence, the section needed help with the ongoing clean-up, streamlining and automatization of processes and tools.

The Solution

The consultant from Specialisterne works daily at Danske Bank on equal terms with the other workers in the section. The consultant is programming using various tools such as Excel, Visual Basic, SAS and others. The consultant is automating and streamlining reporting and making sure inferiors and software run smoothly in order to reduce manual processes.

The Client says

”It’s a good collaboration that has been going on for two years now. We are appreciating the second consultant from Specialisterne since the first got a regular job elsewhere. At first, we naturally were very much aware of the consultant’s autism diagnosis. But despite the fact, that we are relatively many people gathered in a small working area, he’s thriving in the environment and participating in our seminars for all IT-workers. If there’s too much noise, he’s wearing headphones, but so are many others while working.”

“Previously, we had a semi-automated process manually moving data sets around. Now, thanks to the consultant from Specialisterne, the process is fully automated. Usually, the consultant creates simple buttons to click on, and then the whole reporting happens automatically.”


Klaus Rindholt, First Vice President, Group Treasury, Danske Bank.