Case – Copenhagen Municipality

Over a period of five years, Specialisterne has worked with Copenhagen Municipality to quality assure the parking counts; which are a part of every political decision regarding new construction projects in the capital area.

The Company’s Challenge

In new cases of construction work in the Copenhagen Municipality area, there must be a parking review for the area in question. That is why Copenhagen Municipality counts the parking occupancy rate of the city’s roads and parking areas, at three different times during the same day and twice a year. The count and the input of it happens manually, and up until five years ago the municipality themselves were responsible for quality assuring every single number; a very time and focus consuming task that each year consists of around 20.000 numbers.

The Solution

The consultant works from their office at Specialisterne and continuously receives data from new counts. The quality assurance happens partly by comparison to data from earlier counts, and partly the consultant’s ability to analyze numbers, finding mistakes and thus determine if the numbers are correct. The consultant has developed a program which, retroactively and automated, can compare the numbers. Numbers that deviate too far percentagewise or stands out from the pattern in other ways, gets flagged and examined further. Specialisterne also quality assure traffic counts and are responsible for updating the municipality’s SQL-database of parking statistics.

The Client says

” We use parking statistics all the time, so it’s an extremely important job that Specialisterne performs for us. Five years ago, we did everything ourselves, but it took us a very long time and we did not catch nearly as many mistakes as Specialisterne do. The entire working procedure has been made easier and the quality assurance has become a lot more effective. Another great reward is Specialisternes quick response to special tasks; I can get relevant numbers presented in any way I wish, and it happens lightning fast.”


Åse Boss Henrichsen, traffic-coordinator in Technics and Environment, Copenhagen Municipality.