Case: Augustinus Fonden

Specialisterne helped Augustinus Fonden with sorting and cleaning up data collected since 1982, so the registration meets the requirements of GDPR.

The Company’s Challenge

To meet the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Augustinus Fonden needed to clean up their historic database of applicants. Augustinus Fonden was founded in 1942 and began registering applicants digitally in 1982. The foundation receives around 5.000 applications a year, and some of the applicants are recurrent. All applicants have been registered with a personal name and/or a legal entity in the form of an organization or company. The purpose of cleaning up the data was to identify a series of information about the applicants. The data set included 15.000 lines of text, which Augustinus Fonden did not have the personal resources to process themselves.

The Solution

Augustinus Fonden sent the entire set of data, in the form of one Excel spreadsheet, to a consultant at Specialisterne. The consultant sorted the data and sent back the edited spreadsheet. They ran reports for different keywords in the data set, so personal names and legal entities were identified. Additionally, parts of the data set were also marked for further examination since it was unclear on whether it was about a person or a company.

The Client says

”It took the consultant 14 days to do the job. That equals 1.000 lines of data a day, so we cannot complain since we never could have done it at that speed ourselves. The consultant solved the task perfectly fine and well structured. Cleaning up the data was important to us due to the GDPR. On top of that, the work of the consultant has helped us get a general picture of the data and an awareness of the parts where the registered information could apply to both a person and a company.”


Klaus Bo Andersen, Controller, The Augustinus Fund.