Specialisterne Enable India Solutions

To scale inclusion of this community, EnAble India Solutions and Specialisterne Foundation has established the joint venture Specialisterne Enable India Solutions’. This new partnership aims to address the inclusion challenge by offering a range of services within employment and education fields for neurodivergent persons in India. 

Joining forces to scale inclusion for neurodivergent people in India

The access to good education and appropriate training for neurodivergent persons is scarce in India, with a resulting gap in skill and market demand. With adequate learning opportunities, neurodivergent persons can develop varied level of skillsets which are suitable for computer based as well as non-computer-based roles. Over the years, with appropriate domain and process training, several job roles across sectors have opened up for persons with neurodiversity.

To scale inclusion of this community, EnAble India Solutions and Specialisterne Foundation has established the joint venture ‘Specialisterne Enable India Solutions’. This new partnership aims to address the inclusion challenge by offering a range of services within employment and education fields for neurodivergent persons in India.

Specialisterne Enable India Solutions’ neurodiversity inclusion program will offer support to job candidates within business development, placement and training.  It also provides services to employers who wish to make their workplaces more inclusive, with regard to staffing and outsourcing. Besides employment, the joint venture will work with early intervention in education.

Committed to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, the two trusted and established organizations seek to integrate the vulnerable neurodivergent community by promoting access to quality education and creating employment opportunities.

Dipesh Sutariya
Managing Director, EnAble India Solutions

“This is a pathbreaking initiative for neurodiversity inclusion where two organizations have come together. Specialisterne with their experience of working with autism and autism livelihoods, globally. While, EnAble India Solutions with over ten years’ experience of working with companies for inclusion of persons with disability. What we see here is a collective model where we will engage a lot with partners across the country. And with various players, we hope to build a Center of Excellence for neurodiversity inclusion in the future”

Thorkil Sonne
Founder, Specialisterne Foundation

“Building on years of collaboration between our companies, the demand for Neurodivergent talent across the world and in India has prompted our organisations to establish a joint venture in order to establish a Center of Excellence in India. Specialisterne Enable India Solutions will be part of the global network of Specialisterne with presence in more than 25 markets and with more than 500 dedicated employees. I am looking forward to the overall impact that our collaboration will be able to provide for neurodivergent individuals in India”

Joint Venture Partners

About Specialisterne Foundation
Since 2008, Specialisterne Foundation has been working as a not-for-profit foundation with the goal to enable meaningful employment for one million neurodivergent persons. The Foundation’s mission is to provide equal opportunities globally by demonstrating best practices through Specialisterne Hubs, stimulate an ecosystem of practitioners. Also act as thought leaders in enabling decent work and economic growth for neurodivergent persons and organizations. Specialisterne Foundation works with worldwide stakeholders and is associated with the United Nations Department of Global Communication and a member of United Nations Global Compact.

About EnAble India Solutions (EIS)
Based on EnAble India’s numerous years of experience of working with companies on disability inclusion and livelihoods, EnAble India Solutions Pvt Ltd was established in 2011. This social enterprise works with companies across the country, building accessible workplaces, inclusive organizations and includable leaders. With an aim to make India a global leader in disability inclusion, so far EIS has reached 725+ companies, opening up 291 job roles in 22+ sectors for persons with disability.