Specialisterne Enable India Solutions

pathbreaking Indian-Danish initiative for neurodiversity inclusion

A joint venture between two robust community organizations, that aim to build enabling environments, foster economic independence and promote dignity for neurodivergent persons.

Specialisterne Enable India Solutions


The access to good education and appropriate training for neurodivergent persons is scarce in India, with a resulting gap in skill and market demand. With adequate learning opportunities, neurodivergent persons can develop varied level of skillsets which are suitable for computer based as well as non-computer-based roles. Over the years, with appropriate domain and process training, several job roles across sectors have opened up for neurodivergent persons to scale inclusion of this community, EnAble India Solutions and Specialisterne Foundation is establishing the joint venture ‘Specialisterne Enable India Solutions’. This new partnership aims to address the inclusion challenge by offering a range of services within employment and education fields for neurodivergent persons in India.


Specialisterne Enable India Solutions’ neurodiversity inclusion program will offer support to job candidates within business development, placement and training, as well as services to employers who wish to make their workplaces more inclusive, with regards to staffing and outsourcing. Besides employment, the joint venture will work with early intervention in education.

Retention and Sustainability

Employment Support services – to enable organizations to work confidently with new neurodivergent recruits. Retention Services – to enable organizations to retain and map careers for neurodivergent employees 


Collaborative Train-Intern-Hire Model- to provides skilled and employable neurodivergent talent pool to organizations. The process includes job analysis, job mapping, skilling, on-boarding and employment support services.

Inclusion and Awareness

Neurodiversity Awareness Sessions – for organization staff at various levels to initiate and support neurodiversity hiring and inclusion